Into december

Well, today is december 1st. I had to flip my Montreal Canadiens calendar today and was a little disappointed to see Mathieu Garon there. For one, he was traded, and two its the last month on my calendar. So now I’ve got to find another one.

I made a change to my site. Well, more like an addition. If you look directly UP there is a link to download FIREFOX, THE best web browser on the face of the earth. Its much sexier than that crappy Internet Explorer that shipped with your Windows pc. They just released version 1.5, and it is a much more enjoyable internet experience now. So click that link and download it now!

I had a test today in my Real-Time Systems Theory class. This was the last examination I’ll have for this class. We don’t have a final exam, but instead a huge report worth 40% of our mark due next thursday. This wouldn’t be such a big deal if I didn’t have 2 essays due next week as well as another graphics project worth 50% also due on thursday.

My only final exam that I have to write this term comes next saturday on the 10th. Its my Cryptography course. So I’ve got 5 huge things next week to do, but after that I’m HOME FREE! (Well, except for this other essay I have to write for the 20th). Man… this weekend is going to be hectic.

Speaking of the weekend! Family christmas party this saturday. Its being hosted at my house this year. Can’t wait to see everyone again. It has been a LONG time since I’ve seen my extended family.

Oh, and something AWESOME went down on tuesday. My cousin booked our trip to ARUBA! Thats right, next february (during reading week) I’m going to be having FUN IN THE SUN! Whenever I think about this trip the Beach Boys song KOKOMO starts playing in my head.

But february is a long time away. No need to get ahead of myself. Because I’ve got some big plans for the christmas break. If you recall, I wrote a simple chat server a while ago and posted the client on this site. Well, I’m going to be using that to help me create a multiplayer Briscola game. And, depending on how much time I’ve got I’ll even add a 2nd rule set: Covello Brisk (provided I can obtain the copyright… Paul?).

So, I think thats enough writing for tonight. But before I go, just one more reminder. Click the link above and download FIREFOX! Do it! I promise you wont regret it, and you’ll be glad you did.

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