Its baaaaack

Well I’m back from the cottage, have been for a couple days now. I’ve got to come up with some stuff to do in the next few weeks to keep myself busy. I’ve been wanting to play my guitar a lot more than I have been, so I should probably get on that. Also, Paul lent me season 1 of Veronica Mars, and I should really start watching that sometime soon.

But when I’ll find time for those things isn’t quite clear. See, I started playing World of Warcraft again. I had quit last July, but I couldn’t hold off the temptation any longer. Through 2-3 days of play so far I’ve gotten my Gnome Mage up to level 12. I’m going much slower than I did the first time around, and that is because I still want to maintain some sort of normal, non-anti-social life this time around. Plus the weather is so amazing right now, I don’t want to be couped up inside.

One thing I hope will keep me out of the house is golf. After the 3 rounds I played last week in Peterborough I have become sort of addicted to it. I went out yesterday and bought myself a decent set of clubs… Wilson Blackjacks. I’ll probably post a picture of them in the next few days. I’ll also scan in my 3 score cards from last week.

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