Its over!

Well, I wrote my last exam this evening, and I’m off school until January… what ever will I do with all this free time?

I’ve got a few items on the backburner that I hope to take care of this holiday season:

#1: Play lots and lots of World of Warcraft
This might seem like a no brainer. Of course, what else would I do with all this time? I’ve got some major catching up to do in the leveling department, I’ve had to avoid the game for the sake of studying so I’ve fallen behind my guildmates.

#2: Play lots and lots of other video games
Again, no surprise right? I’ve got alot of games to catch up on that I really wanted to play but didn’t have the time, one of which is finally passing Halo 2.

#3: Work on
Even though right now the site really doesn’t do ANYTHING, it is due for a major overhaul. What is up there now works for what it does, but it was really just me taking a bunch of shortcuts to get something semi-impressive up and running. I’ve got to severely re-write the backend. I’ll get to this once I’m bored of #2 and need a break from #1.

#4: Learn Windows programming
This is something that I’ve been meaning to do for a while, but I’ve been putting off because I don’t want it to interfere with other programming I’ve been needing to do for school. This is really the 1st step in me creating a decent computer game. I need to learn to write Windows apps properly so they will work WITH the operating system instead of AGAINST it.

So, hopefully in these next 3 weeks or so I’ll get a large chunk of these items done. I’m not too optimistic of #4 but you never know, I might get ambitious!

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