Its wednesday, time for an update

I’ve been holding off on making several small posts this week, and instead just putting them all here today.

First order of business, my less than spectacular weekend: I was in Windsor this weekend for my youngest cousin’s first communion, which was happening on the Sunday. We got there on the Saturday, and I spent the afternoon with one of my other cousins. We were playing basketball for a while, and during a short game of 1-on-1 I managed to sprain my ankle… it got pretty swollen. I went to the emergency that evening to get it xrayed, and there were no breaks found. But the doctor said that due to the nature of the sprain it might take as much as 6-8 weeks to fully heal. Right now there is still a bit of pain unless the ankle is tightly wrapped up, but I can’t drive and walking is a bit awkward.

Secondly, The friday night before this all happened I managed to go see The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I really enjoyed it, even thought it wasn’t 100% faithful to the original text. The end was different, but the idea behind it was very much the same… and contrary to what some reviews I have read said, the movie WAS funny. Maybe not rolling on the floor (rofl) funny, but definitly makes you chuckle, which is exactly what the book did. So I can’t see why anyone could have a problem with this movie.

Thirdly, I started my summer course last night: The Crime Film. I think I’ve only seen 1 or 2 of the movies on the list, so I don’t expect to get bored with this class.

And finally, yesterday afternoon Liverpool beat Chelsea to make it into the Champions League final!! I’m fairly confident, as I’m sure everyone else in the WORLD is, that AC Milan will win their semifinal match today, so it’ll be a Liverpool-Milan final. I’m just glad that I’ll get to see 1 more Liverpool match on tv, regardless if they are probably going to get destroyed by AC Milan… but I’m not giving up hope!

With regards to these google ads on the right side here —–>
I haven’t seen anything really geared towards what I’ve spoken about in these posts… its mostly just ads referring to BLOGS. I was hoping for some kind of variety.

And I’ve also included a link to the Firefly dvd on at the top of the site. I promise you that you won’t be disappointed if you pick that bad boy up. Its about $55… I think you might be able to find it cheaper at Best Buy, but hey you can’t blame me for trying.

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