A couple days ago, Paul asked me if I wanted a Batman Begins dvd display that Music World wasn’t going to use. I said sure.

Today I got that dvd display.
It should have been pretty easy to assemble, but I wasn’t given the proper sized stand. The one I got only had 2 shelves instead of the 4 shelves shown in the instructions. So, I had to cut about a foot off of the bottom of either side of the Batman cutouts to shorten them so all the slots fit properly. I won’t be leaving it where it is, because right now its like Batman is watching me while I sleep, and thats just creepy. There is a good spot by my computer where I’ll put all my burned backed up (ahem, I mean… aww crap, I blew it. No point in trying to recover from that. Although I could always use the backspace key, but where is the fun in that?) dvds I have.

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