John 1, Electrical Safety 0

I think I should have become an electrical engineer… ok that might be pushing it a bit.

I had this old linksys router lying around that was apparently broken. My aunt had come home from a week long vacation and found her router to be completely dead. So I inherited it.

I tinkered around with it a bit, not really knowing what I was doing before just giving up completely. I had a suspicion that it was just the power supply that was fried because when the router was plugged in it would get some power (an LED would flash) then nothing would happen.

About 6 months later (last friday) I finally got a replacement power adapter for the router. It had the same voltage and amperage output but it had one problem… the plug wasn’t the right size.

This is where my elite hardware hacking skills come into play. I cut the old plug off the old power adapter, stripped off the new one, soldered it all together and VOILA! I now have a third working wireless router… as well as a potential fire hazzard. It should work for the time being, but I should really get a new power supply with a plug that actually fits.

I just finished setting the beast up as an independent wireless router from my original wireless network. Reason for this is I wanted one with lesser encryption so my DS and dad’s wireless pda can access the internet. My regular home network is nicely segregated from it so if anyone stumbles onto the lesser secured router they still won’t have access to my files! YAY for NAT Firewalls!!!

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