Keeping Busy

I’ve had my hands full this past week, with assignments, an essay and two tests. Now that that is all over, I’ve just got one more exam to look forward to on wednesday, and another test on thursday, before I can take a breather.

On the off chance that I had some free time this weekend, I spent it playing Civilization IV. An increadible RTS where you command one of the many ’empires’ from history and take them from a very primitive state, to the modern era, in a race to see who can put someone into space first.

A side effect of taking the graphics course that I am taking this term is whenever I play a game now I try to figure out how all the graphics and effects were created… down to what system or function calls they used. It is somewhat distracting, but on the other hand really fun when I figure it out, then try it out in a test program. Hopefully I can get some inspiration for an awesome 3D program soon. Well, I’m pretty much going to have to for my final project in this class. I’ll also find a way to post up my two assignments so far, with some straightforward instructions for running them. I’ll be able to provide windows and linux/unix executables. If I can figure out some stuff on my mac mini then I’ll provide a Mac OSX executable too… maybe even a dual PowerPC/Intel binary if I really get my act together.

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