Konfabulator Released for WINDOWS!

There was a time in my life (no more than a year ago) that I had considered PURCHASING AN APPLE LAPTOP just so I could use this program, since it was a mac-only application. THAT is how amazing Konfabulator is.

But realistically, although it IS a free application, its not really a REASONABLE idea to buy a $2000+ piece of hardware just to run a program that serves no real purpose other than being ‘cool’.

Well, much to my excitement, Konfabulator has been released for Windows about a week ago. I just found out today, and I just installed it. Basically, it is an engine that lets you run little programs called “widgets”. These “widgets” run as little objects on your desktop and they do various things for you, such as provide you with a google search bar, a nice graphical clock, a joke of the day. Its a fun little toy to have, and from what I hear it is pretty simple to create your own widgets (just takes a little javascript).

So GO and download Konfabulator today… its FREE!


The widgets that I’m using right now are the Calendar and Analog Clock that come with Konfabulator, and a Yellow Submarine that floats around on my desktop.

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