LOVE, Its all you need…

The new Beatles album ‘LOVE’ came out yesterday, and I completely forgot about it. I was so ashamed of myself…

So, tonight I went to get my haircut, then I ran off the Bestbuy to pick up the SPECIAL EDITION DVD/CD version.

So I’ve got it in regular CD format to stick on my iPod, and glorious dvd format for playing in 5.1 surround sound!

I also bought BLAM! by Ridley Bent. I saw this guy on CityTV one day, I don’t remember the exact show, and he played one of his songs live and it blew me away. Its like a mix of country and hip hop… called Hick Hop. Check out some of his songs on his website (there is a Music section), my favorite being Suicidewinder.

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