Major Breakthrough!!!

Well, I think I did it. I really think I did it.

I spent ALL DAY re-writing some of my algorithms for THIS SEXY SEXY SITE (its not really that site, but its the links that lead from that site). Right now, all the reworked algorithms are here. I’m super excited about this right now. I’m cranking the Broken Social Scene, and dancing like a maniac in my room. I’m glad I don’t have my webcam running anymore… it is one sorry sight.

So, right now I’ve got some major cleanup to do. The code is so god-awefully messy, and I’ve got 2 and sometimes 3 version of most of the functions/algorithms in the page that I need to rename or delete. Then some tweaking, and I can finally get started on designing the site. THEN, I have to work on the user database and figure out how everyone will interact with it. But for now, more partying!

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