Make a Liar Out of Myself

I don’t think it matters much to anyone, but it does to me… I’m sort of behind schedule on the project. Its only by about a day or 2 so far, but its still frustrating. I know that until I just put my foot down and decide to stop tweaking the algorithms that I won’t really be making any progress in other areas. Instead of thinking about mechanics and design of the actual site I am dreaming up a new and better algorithm. Its getting out of hand.

Also, I have a 2nd project that I kind of really want to do… but its going to have to wait until after the current one is all wrapped up. Its going to be a sort of digital jukebox. I’ve got an old Pentium 200Mhz (with MMX, w00t) pc that is just lieing around gathering dust. All it is really good for now is a crappy dedicated router (of which I already have 2), or a unix/linux box (but it doesn’t have enough ram to run any graphical desktops like KDE or GNOME). But for some reason it can run Windows 98. So I’m going to be installing that on it, and just running Winamp fullscreen. For a case, I want to custom build something out of wood that will make it look like a vintage radio. I’m going to build-in a small lcd screen (maybe touchscreen to keep the peripherals I need at a minimum). If I can’t pull off the touchscreen (because they are rather pricey at $250USD each), I’m thinking of modifying a regular mouse, and somehow taking the pieces out and creating two nobs… so the cursor will be controlled kind of like an etch-a-sketch.

The mouse-to-knob mod I can probably do right now with the old mice I have lieing around, just to use as a ‘proof of concept’. I think I might do that if I want to take a short break from my other project.

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