Make With The Updates Already!

Well, I haven’t touched much code in the last few days… pisses me off to no end.

Working support the last few weeks has been pretty heavy. I’ve pretty much done nothing but answer e-mails and make cheesy modifications to Crystal reports, and its driving me CRAZY.

I also haven’t touched LFG for a while. But what I have done is partially start my other secret project a bit. More of a proof of concept type thing. Working with buttons resetting timers and such.

I went to an AWESOME Microsoft Vista launch event. It was actually the official unveiling of Vista, Exchange Server 2007 and Office 2007. And I even got a cheesy t-shirt to prove it!

But I did learn a lot of crazy stuff about writing addins for the new Office suite as well as creating custom interface add-ons for word, and the sick new XML file format that Microsoft is using now. They actually impressed me a hell of a lot on tuesday with the new stuff they’re rolling out.

Oh yeah, and I went to see Sloan exactly 1 week ago. Gained a lot more respect for them than I originally had. They played basically my 2 favorite songs, Money City Maniacs and All Used Up! Since then I’ve been listening to some of their CDs. I’m definitely giving them more of a chance now to impress me than I did before. (there happy Paul?)

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