Making Progress on DirectX Project

I made the first steps towards a somewhat fully functioning 3D online multiplayer ‘game’ yesterday.

I got the basic framework for a game engine going, and I was able to display a tri-coloured triangle on screen in 3D world coordinates.

I also got it to remotely accept commands to move the triangle around on screen using my chat server and the java chat client to send the movement instructions.

Now I’ve just got to modify the engine to create a triangle for each user that is logged in and to isolate the instructions to only move the triangle that belongs to the user who owns the triangle. And then I’ll be able to make my box world that I described 2 or 3 posts ago!

But before that can happen I’ll have to figure out how to structure the commands that the clients will be sending to the server.

This whole thing is really starting to sound like A HELL OF A LOT OF FUN. And a year ago I’d probably be working night and day on it. But lately my hands/wrists haven’t been feeling so comfortable. So I’m taking long breaks from my keyboard and mouse to help alleviate the discomfort.

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