Merry Christmas

Well, Merry Christmas to all of you lovely readers of!

It really blows my mind when someone sends me a comment over msn on something that I’ve written on my blog. Its kind of sobering to think that people actually read this. I mostly write it for fun for myself, and to make sure I don’t forget about things that (at the time at least) are very important to me.

So, I’ll accept that as MY christmas present from all of you 🙂 Thanks! And for you, I’ll try to post more often, and have other stuff that might just be generally interesting, or fun.

I began my Boxing Day shopping a little early this year, roughly 12:00am today. The BestBuy website started their Boxing Day sales today. I made sure only to buy what I was already planning on getting, because the possibility of impulse buying is very high with these things.

Well, I’ve got to go now, my aunt, uncle, cousins and grandmother are here for lunch.

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