MobileBriscola version something less than 1.0

Well, I FREAKING DID IT!! MobileBriscola is coded and playable in all its glory! Right now it is basically just gameplay, and some really shitty AI (I actually can’t really call it AI, it isn’t intelligent at all. It just randomly chooses a card and plays it, kind of like playing against someone who doesn’t understand the rules)

So, here is the checklist of stuff that needs to be added now:

  • graphics
  • Smart AI
  • keep a record of wins/losses/ties
  • figure out how to detect different button presses
  • title screen
  • other junk I can think of

Not a very detailed list, but its the basic idea. I hope I don’t neglect this like I have with multiplayer briscola, but I can’t really guarantee anything. I guess as long as I’m enjoying playing it I’ll keep coding.

Once I get the more important of these features completed I’ll try to make it available for download. Maybe even offer to pay people to download it (the cost of the data transfer, roughly $1) to their phones so I can test it out on different models to make sure it works.

I should probably mention the comments in the previous post, but I am not at all surprised about them. It is kind of artificial, like I know the people who wrote them and they told me they were going to do it. All I can say is that I haven’t totally abandoned it. I do intend on completing it, I just needed a break and I found this other project MUCH more interesting at the time. Once its done I’ll get right back on the multiplayer game. Unless of course I come up with another more interesting mobile project.

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