I’m making more progress with LFG. On wednesday, in about a one and a half hour timeframe I put together a mobile interface. If you’ve got a WAP enabled phone with internet service you can see it at . You can also view it in Firefox if you have the wmlbrowser extension/Add-on!

You will need to register through the regular website first before being able to use the mobile site. But once you do, you can edit your location as well as find people at that location FROM YOUR PHONE!

The next major feature I need to implement (or fix rather) is smarter location finding. I need to have an intelligent way for people to be able to enter in their location and have it stored in a generic way so that no matter how someone decides to describe that they are at a certain club or restaurant in a certain city, they will be able to find others who described that same location but in a different way. The catch here is it has to be easy for the person to enter this in. Nobody wants to have to type in street addresses on their mobile phone. I think this one feature will make or break this website in terms of it actually becoming a viable product (the only other area that will be of concern once this one is resolved is ‘How to make money?’).

But I might put this project on the backburner for at least a week because I have another project idea that I want to at least get off the ground (and another one in the works, mentally). The first being the same one I alluded to in a previous post, which I refuse to give a description of until I actually implement it. And the second, which came to me about an hour ago, is an addon for MSN Messenger that lets you collaborate on a text file (mostly for helping edit program code for someone).

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