Mongoose Loves Mangos Progress

I’ve been making sure I put work in daily on ‘Mongoose Loves Mangos’, because it’s very easy to procrastinate when you’re home alone.

I made a short youtube video of where I’m at so far, which you’ll see is a long way since the last video update:

Other than the awesome artwork I’ve been getting from Paul, I added some sound effects to the game which should give it a more polished and professional feel. Quick note, the sounds are from chimps even though I’m calling the animals in the trees monkeys.

I’ve slowly been putting all the other menus together. Just yesterday I added high score tracking, and I’m going to be working on the instructions next. Then I need to start figuring out how to make the game get progressively more difficult without just becoming a rain storm of impossibly fast moving mangos.

All in all I think I’m working at an OK pace for my end of May deadline, however I doubt I’ll get my 2 app quote finished by then.

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