More with Maps

I spent the better part of yesterday, after posting here about Google Maps, looking for cool places to find satellite images of. One of the first things I did was look for Area 51.

I saw Sin City last night also… it was pretty good. The look of it was awesome… its very much like watching a moving comic book.

And today I’ve been going a little nuts. I went to because I heard about this club from a friend of mine, and also on the radio the other night. And when the site loads they play this loop from a song that I know that I know… but I can’t figure out what it is. Its been driving me crazy all day. If you can at all figure out what it is PLEASE post it in a comment for this page. The closest I’ve gotten is Time of the Season by The Zombies… they are very similar, but its definitly not it.

I’ve also got an exam tomorrow, so I’m keeping this short. I need to get back to studying. Thats also why I don’t have much to say.

but do I ever?

I was just browsing around and found this… you can buy a bottle of wine from Skywalker Ranch

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