Mouse Mod

So I built some small supports for the IR emitters and receivers so I will be able to mount them properly on whatever I decide to mount them on. In the middle of all this I come up with an even better and simpler idea than what I’m working on… one that is SURE to work. So, I have yet to test what I worked on this afternoon and I’m almost hoping that it wont’ work, so I can scrap it for my new design.

I took a bunch of pictures, and I hope to have them up as soon as I work out the new Projects page. But by then I’ll probably be working on Mouse Mod 2.0, and tossing this one away. But I’ll document it anyways… my first attempt at designing a completely new, never-before-seen (well not on the internet anyways) hardware mod. Its bound to have SOME problems; so nothing to be ashamed of.

After a QUICK preliminary test, my little supports work perfectly. But I don’t know how long they will hold. A lot of it relies on hot glue to keep spacing, and i’m almost certain that with a little strain they’ll unglue themselves from the plastic, rendering them useless. But for now they’ll suffice. I’ll consider it Prototype #1, and its a success!

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