My Semi-Annual Roundup

The last post here started the same way I wanted to start this one, and I hate unnecessary repetition so I won’t write it again.

I’m not sure if I should even bother updating this site anymore and instead just tweet about everything I do and anyone who cares can just keep up with that. Follow me at @jgcaruso by the way if you’re one of those people.

In any case, here IS a list of stuff I’ve been up to since the last post:

1) Wrote an app for the Blackberry PlayBook called PlayCreator. It is a sports whiteboard app for Hockey, Soccer, Football, Basketball, 3 types of Lacrosse (men’s, women’s and box), Rugby, Field Hockey and Cricket.

2) Quit my job of 5 years and started a company: 84 North Studios Inc where I will be developing smartphone (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, webOS) apps, tablet apps and web apps. If I get adventurous I may even get into some cool hardware gadgets.

3) Converted PlayCreator for Android phones and tablets.

4) Today I started doing some R&D on a new web app that should be helpful to people who have online merchant accounts (ex. PayPal, Google Checkout).

5) Simultaneously trying to come up with an idea for a simple phone app/game.

And that just about rounds up my laundry list this time around. We’ll see how long it is until my next post… until then you can try to monitor twitter, but I can’t make any promises there either.

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