New App

Yesterday a friend of mine, and myself included, could not figure out how to find the number of occurances of a specific word within a Microsoft Word document (other than doing a search for the word and see how many times you hit NEXT until it tells you you’ve searched the document). So I threw this little program together in about an hour (Make sure you have the latest version of Java installed on your computer).

Its pretty straight forward to use. In the first text field you type the word you want to search for. In the 2nd field you type in the path to the file you want to search (it must be a plain text file – .txt – if you have a .doc or other format like .pdf first save the file as a .txt then use this program to search). You can also use the BROWSE button to search for the file. Then click the SEARCH button and the result will appear in the small text box in the middle of the window. PIECE OF CAKE!

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