New Bass

I’ve been thinking of buying a bass guitar for some time now. About a month ago I actually started doing some research and was all set on getting a Fender Jazz bass.

I took a trip down to Steve’s Music, where I bought my first guitar and where I got my two guitar pedals, to see what they had in terms of basses and to get a final opinion before buying the bass.

The guy at the store showed me a bunch of basses and I ended up changing my mind about the Fender Jazz bass. What changed my mind was this crazy Ibanez bass with active pickups. It had an on-board equalizer that let you tweak the amount of bass, treble and mid-range that you got out of the bass. I was ready to buy it in stock, but the model they had was a year old and they didn’t have any new ones in a box.

So I decided to wait for the new model to come out. It turns out that it would take about a month… and last week I went back to Steve’s to pick it up.

Ibanez BTB670

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