New Year, New Header

As promised I updated the header on this site… although I am a little disappointed with it. I’ll probably change it again, or maybe make it change every time the page is reloaded.

So, I rang in the new year outside in cold and rainy downtown Kitchener listening to Sloan. They are now tied in first with Metric for the number of times I have seen a band live at 2. At that show a band called The Machines opened for Sloan, and they were pretty damn good. The bass player had a Rickenbacker bass that I think I want more than the violin bass that Paul McCartney played.

So with this new year I should probably make some goals for myself to accomplish to keep myself on track. But, knowing me I’ll just procrastinate and leave them until December. So I think I’ll just see how things go this first month and take it from there. I figure, if I can consistently be productive throughout this whole month I’ll get in the habit of doing stuff and it’ll carry on throughout the year.

So far, I’ve got 3 things on my list (I think)…

  1. LFG: I haven’t touched it much lately, but I found something out!!! Facebook does in fact allow me to store some key pieces of information that I originally wanted to use for the integration but I thought I wasn’t allowed to. So I should probably get back to work on it and maybe make something that people will actually want to use.
  2. Amazon Webservice Experiment: I’m not really sure where to go with this. The only reason I created it was because I felt like using the Amazon webservice since it has access to SO MUCH DATA! It is overwhelming. Other than finding a better currency converting webservice (the current one keeps returning 0 for conversion rate) I think this is pretty much put to bed.
  3. Undisclosed Project: Jeez, I can’t believe I am not talking about this thing yet. I should have started and gotten something working by now. But I kind of gave up on it near the end of the week before Christmas… and then I started working on that Amazon project. Then Christmas came around and passed and I was always busy, and then before I knew it I went back to work. I think if I can get this completed, or at least working in a more than limited capacity, before the end of this month then I’ll be doing OK.

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