Nintendo DS Lite

My Nintendo DS Lite arrived today… it took Best Buy just over a week to finally send it to me. Along with it I ordered a few Radiohead cds (OK Computer, The Bends and Hail to the Thief) all for $8.99 each. I also bought Gimme Fiction by Spoon which I have been obsessing over for quite a while now.

But back to the DS. I haven’t had much play time with one yet, but I am completely blown away by the gameplay ideas and possibilities this system has. Who else but Nintendo would think of putting a TOUCH SCREEN on a handheld gaming system? And now they’re upping the ante with their new console coming out later this year with controllers that sense where they are. So you can basically swing it like a sword, or tennis racket if you are playing a fighting or tennis game. GENIUS!

I’ll stop before this turns into a Nintendo advertisement.

So yeah, I’m pretty excited about getting that package today. I also still need to add back some of the info from my posts that disappeared, but that’ll have to wait because I’m going out tonight to look at some cars.

I spent a little time online yesterday building what I think I want to buy in terms of a few models of cars. You can see the list of screenshots here.

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