Nobody Circles the Wagon Like the Buffalo Bills

This final week of summer vacation is nearing its end. Its a very sad time. My friends and I are ending this week with a trip down to Buffalo to watch the Bills preseason game against the Detroit Lions.

Other than that, this week seems to be going downhill. There is some other stuff running through my mind that is driving me CRAZY. I don’t know if there is anything I can do about it though. Its not completely out of my hands, but it relies on getting ahold of some people that I am having a hard time getting ahold of (this all sounds very cryptic, even to me, so I’ll just stop right there).

So yeah, my next post will either be a report on friday’s trip to Buffalo (complete with photo gallery) or it’ll come on wednesday on my first day of class in my FINAL YEAR OF UNIVERSITY (oh noes)

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