Obligatory Procrastination Post

Two weeks into the new year and I’m already pushing things back. Didn’t write Monday, decided to read all day Tuesday and I almost gave up today after tiring myself out on an outdoor rink this morning. I also haven’t done much coding on my iPhone puzzle app this week. Solving a couple big issues with it last Wednesday seemed to give me the idea that I could take a little vacation. I also have to get things organized artwork wise so I can give my graphics guy some things to start on.

I am trying to be a bit proactive though. I’ve written down some potential post topics, and I think about things that I need to do with the app daily. I just can’t seem to convince myself to actually DO them. I was about to suggest that I will buckle down starting Monday, but I think that will just feed into this vicious cycle I’ve got myself into. Starting tonight would be a good way to prove to myself that I can actually do this. But maybe just posting this is enough for today?

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