Oh My Gods!

I learned a TONNE of crazy stuff just now (a thank-you to VG Cats for having awesome news posts).

#1 New Sam & Max Game!All the juicy details can be found here. I’m kind of excited about this. They said that the game will be released in ‘episodes’ much like their Bone: Out from Boneville game is. The first episode is free, so I think I’ll give that a shot to see what its like. Plus, Bone is cool.

#2 The Nintendo Revolution Controller was finally unveiled. – Nintendo is finally off their rocker. This is either going to ruin them, or put them back ontop of the WORLD. I will admit, it is a cool idea, and just from looking at it I want to buy the new console.

ok, so that was only 2 things, not quite a tonne.

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