Oh… what a day

Today is definitly one of the better days of my life…

Started out with me going downtown with Paul to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (I’m not going to link it because it was boooooring)… I’ll say that definitly wasn’t the highlight of the day. On the way back we stopped off at the new Apple Store at Yorkdale Mall. It was pretty cool being in an actual Apple store, but I didn’t need anything since my Mac Mini arrived yesterday (which also makes yesterday a pretty cool day).

When I got home from the little downtown excursion I read my e-mail and read one of the most… i don’t know if there is a word for this. But it made me really proud to receive and read this e-mail. It was from Justin Frankel, the CREATOR OF WINAMP. He is now working on other things though. His e-mail was in response to one I sent him, with a modification that I made to his scripting program he uses for his new company’s website.

So, he took the modification – or at least the idea – and did it his own way. But, he was kind enough to mention me on the page (check out the comments for V0.2). I think its pretty cool to get that kind of recognition, from such a HUGE influence on the world of mp3s… Because I’m sure you use Winamp, or have at one point, and don’t forget Grokster, the filesharing program that couldn’t be shut down because it didn’t share the same flaws as Napster… we can thank Justin for that too!

Other than that awesome feeling I got from that e-mail, I made another huge step today. I cracked open my Mac Mini, and installed 1GB of ram into it. I took a few pictures, and I’ll share those in a little while, once I get them all prepared and organised.

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