One last roadtrip

I’m going to be taking a short trip up to Ottawa this week. Its going to be my last little roadtrip before starting my job next week. I’m not sure about what we’ll be doing exactly, but it seems like lots of checking out the University of Ottawa and probably some apartments since Paul is going to be going there this fall for school… speaking of Paul, I still have to make that website of his more useful. I wonder when I’ll get around to that.

Yesterday Steve and I went to Hunter’s Glen golf course and played the 9-hole course. I scored a 72 and he shot a 51… par for the course was 34. But in my defense it was one hell of a tough course. 4 out of the 9 holes were over 300 yards, in comparison to the course in Peterborough where the longest one was 100 yards. Luckily we ended up pairing up with this other guy who was golfing on his own. He gave me quite a few tips on how to straighten out my shot and how to stop lifting my head when I swing which results in me hitting the top of the golf ball… this involves a funny story about some fishing line and two fishing hooks, but I think I’ll leave that out for now.

All in all, yesterday was a great day and I feel so pumped to go and play again. Maybe I’ll hit the driving range today for a little practice.

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