Onto some other crap

I’m taking a break from Briscola to take care of a few things that I’ve been neglecting.

First on the list is the router that I modified so I could use it as a wireless link for my xbox to my network for XBOX Live. I updated the firmware a while back and that royally screwed the thing. So, last night I found some new firmware that was supposed to fix a few things, I flashed it and then to my horror the router stopped responding. The power light just kept flashing, non stop. I coudln’t get into the configuration page or anything. I basically created a colourful BRICK… a fancy new paperweight.

Luckily, this is a very common thing and there are ways to fix it. It took maybe 5 seconds to find a page on how to fix it. I had to disassemble the router (that was fun!) get a screwdriver, and short circuit the flashROM. This put it into some failsafe mode that allowed me to use some utility called tftp to reflash some new firmware onto it. This worked like a charm!

So, I left it like that over night because I was too frustrated with the thing to fix it anymore. This morning I got right back on it though and managed to reconnect it to the network. Now I can finally play some XBOX Live again!

The second thing that I need to take care of is this essay I have for this humanities course I’m taking: X-Culture. It is due on the 20th, but I’d like to get it done earlier I think, just so I can work on some stuff that I actually care about, like my online briscola.

So, I should probably stop writing here and start writing that essay!

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