Out of Nowhere

What have I been doing? I’ve pretty much neglected this site for the better part of 2 months now.

Essentially I’ve had nothing to say, well at least nothing to broadcast. I have been busy at work on a little utility (not for 2 months mind you… if it took that long to finish this thing then I’d pretty much give up on coding and find myself a new job) for recording, organizing and graphing rates.

The idea came to me when I was trying to track my gas mileage. So far I have been just entering in the mileage and litres I’ve filled up every time I go to the pump in a text file on my cell phone. But I quickly realized I had no way of working with the data.

So, I created this little Rates test. So far it is read-only, but eventually it’ll have a login and the ability to add new data via the web (right now I have to manually enter the data in the database).

Lots more details will come on this once I’ve actually implemented a version of it that is nice and generic and gives people the ability to create their own group of ‘Rates’.

Also, I just found out about an HTML tag that I had no idea existed but would have loved to have used a long long time ago. The <PRE> tag. It lets you enter preformatted text without having to worry about the web browser screwing it up!

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