Very late

Its very late, and I want to go to sleep… but I also equally want to write this post.

Well, its official. I’m hooked on World of Warcraft again. But this time I’m going to try and control it.

I’ve run into a bit of a computer problem, in the midst of all the upgrades I’ve done it seems like I’m going to have to throw in another. My power supply has decided to break, kind of. The fan doesn’t always want to come on, which is causing massive overheating problems. And when the fan finally does come on the air coming out of it is very painful to touch.

So, I might make a trip down to Infonec in the next day or so.

Other than that I haven’t had a chance to play Halo 2 yet. I’m in the situation where I have to choose WHICH addiction I feed: World of Warcraft or Halo 2. I think I might do something with alternate days… who knows.

sleep sleep sleep, yawn yawn yawn.


Early-Mid Week Update

I think this is the first time I’ve made a post from somewhere else other than home. And it was all made possible with this WONDERFUL new site I built.

I’m at school right now

The past 24 hours have been SUCH an amazing trip… I’m not sure what I mean by trip, but I can definitly tell you I’m not on drugs.

It started yesterday, around 4:00 when the World of Warcraft webserver went down. I suspected they were getting ready for Open Beta applications. I, unfortunatly, had to go to school. When I got back at 7:30 it was still down. From then until about 2am I was frantically trying to sign up, as well as downloading the beta client. I ended up getting a login at about 1:45, and I managed to pick one up for Andrew too (you owe me man).

I got up at 8:30 today, and for the first time ever on a tuesday I jumped right out of bed. I went down to my computer to see if the client had finished downloading, and it did. I quickly started to install it. I got in about 45 minutes of play time this morning before I decided to leave for school.

But first, I made a stop at Best Buy. They had a TON of copies of Halo 2 so I grabbed on and giggled ever so quietly. I also picked up Shrek 2 and some paper cd sleeves.

Halo 2 came with a HAT as a nice little treat, and Shrek 2 had a poster of the dvd cover.

Its almost time for me to head to class, but one thing for certain, I can’t remember the last time I was THIS happy. Absolutly NOTHING can take me down today.



Aurora -FREAKING- Borealis


Just a few minutes ago a friend of mine up in Newmarket told me to go look at the sky. I called him crazy, but he insisted.

I looked out my front window (which appropriately faces north) and saw something I have NEVER in my life (to my recolection) seen before… the Aurora Borealis.

To me, being pretty far south, it is appearing as a very faint green cloud/puff, but its definitly moving. Up in Newmarket, my friend tells me, its covering about 70% of the sky. I’m told it very rarely stretches this far down.

I’ll see if my digital camera will agree to take some pictures of it, but with the lamp posts outside my house I might have a real hard time getting it to focus.


Burn baby, burn


Today I took a trip over to Pacific Mall the “Largest Chinese Mall in North America”. And I left with the NEC ND-3500A Dual Layer 16x DVD Burner and a stack of 50 blank DVD+Rs.

I topped the evening off watching 2 of my friends play hockey in a men’s league, and coming away with their first win!


New Background, again.

Well, I’ve put up a new background. I worked on this one this morning before I went to my Nonna’s house to turn over her garden. I’ve got so many blisters on my hands from that (the digging, not the background making) that it is painful to make this post.

The actual background tile looks much different from what you might expect it to:


Another missed wednesday

Wednesday is a very sneaky day… it comes and goes and you hardly notice it.

Today, well this entire week so far, has been really rough. It started with a midterm exam for my Database course, then an assignment for that class that was due today which I almost forgot to hand in.

I just finished working on an assignment for my Software Design class that is due tomorrow (which is the reason why this post is late). And I also have a midterm tomorrow night for my Algorithms course. Needless to say, tomorrow night when I go to sleep there will be a WORLD of tension removed from me.

I’m looking forward to playing some XMEN: Legends on friday as some sort of celebration for surviving this horrible week.

I’ll also look into changing this eyesore of a background. WHAT WAS I THINKING?


NHL CountUP Clock

The counter that was keeping track of how long the NHL has been out of commission broke today.

I’m not sure what is wrong but it started going negative. Its most likely (well the only possible reason) that I screwed up the math in the code and didn’t consider the months properly.

Anyways I just took it down, and in the next few days I might put up some kind of new ad or just more movies and books that I recommend.


I Fell Down The Stairs Today, ooh boy.

… and now my elbow is very pointy.

I think its the swelling, but its getting better. I’ve just got general soreness right now.



Exam Schedule, and WoW Update

Well, I found out a few interesting pieces of information in the past few days.

First, my exam schedule was released. I only have 3 exams to write this term:

  • COSC 3101 – Design and Analysis of Algorithms – December 9th @ 7pm
  • COSC 3311 – Software Design – December 14th @ 2pm
  • COSC 3421 – Intro. to Database Systems – December 14th @ 7pm

Naturally the two exams in one day worry me, but there is nothing I can do about it. I do get 2 hours inbetween those 2 exams, so I’ll have some time to review.

Secondly, I read today that the World of Warcraft closed beta test is coming to an end. So, that means Open Beta is starting soon which means I’ll get to play again before the game goes retail!

Now, you might think I’m extatic over this, BUT it comes at a very BAD time. This upcoming week is a particularily rough one for me. I’ve got 2 midterm exams and 2 assignments due. So I might not be able to start playing right away… oh well.


Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch Changes!

… turn and face the strain.

Here the strain may be on your eyes. I’ve made a few changes here, namely the blue to grey gradient here, and the checkered background:

The background is VERY temporary, and probably won’t survive the weekend. I’ve constantly got new ideas popping into my head while I’m driving to school so who knows when it’ll end.

One thing I know for sure is that the way that the website is designed right now there are WAY too many files to do the relatively few functions I need to do. There are rougly 3 files for each function (post, edit, and delete – for blog and guestbook posts). I need to compact these files somehow. I’ve got an idea of what to do, but it won’t affect any of you at all, this is all backend stuff.