PC is Dead, Montreal Ahead

Today’s post is brought to you by Mac Mini.


Wake up in the morning and I feel alright. Turn on the computer then I go for a bite (to eat… its lunchtime). Come back upstairs, then I look at the screen and stares (had to rhyme something with stairs). The screen is black.

And black isn’t good for a screen that should be showing pretty pictures of a windows desktop. So I restarted my computer (you probably noticed I stopped trying to rhyme… it was getting kind of hard) and nothing was on the screen again. The screen wasn’t broken, but apparently my motherboard is. I can no longer get it to post. The night before it was running fine and that morning it was just dead.

So I ordered a new motherboard online and it arrived today. I was going to install it but I realized that I need some thermal grease since I’ll be taking my cpu and heatsink off. So I’ll drive down to the TigerDirect store that I drove by on saturday when I was at Infonec and see if they have any.

Oh yeah, thats another piece of information I forgot to relay. I got a new 24 inch widescreen lcd monitor on Saturday. Which makes it a crying shame that I can’t use my PC. I’ll post up a picture of the monitor soon, once I get my pc up and running.

But its not too big of a deal, since I can still use it with my Mac Mini. The desktop is so amazing looking. I almost makes me want to use this computer full time. Which might eventually happen because I’ve been wanting a Macbook for a while now. I’m just waiting for OS X Leopard to be released and then maybe wait for one more hardware refresh.

And looking ahead, this weekend I’m going to be going to Montreal for the Grand Prix. Very exciting! It’ll be my first F1 race, and I’m going to take a ton of pictures. I’ll take a few with my camera phone and post them to the blog. I might even write a few posts while I’m there if I feel like playing around with the phone.

Well, I think that is good for now. Next time I write I’ll have lots of stuff to show and tell from the weekend.

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