I’m going to take another nice little drive up to Peterborough and visit Speer and his cottage one last time before the summer ends.

Probably won’t get any golfing in this time around, which is a shame. But it should be tons of fun anyways.

So it looks like another week of no coding for my MMO project, which isn’t entirely bad. Well its bad for the project’s sake because I haven’t done anything on it for a LONG time, and it is starting to look like its going to go south REAL fast like most of my projects (although my Mobile Briscola one seemed to stand the test of time). What is good about this is I’ll give myself a rest, and stay the hell away from a computer. My right eye has been twitching all week, and I can’t help but think that it has something to do with sitting infront of a PC all day and all night.

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