Pickled Cucumbers

Didn’t write yesterday, I think my formal excuse will be the site was down. But I really don’t know if that is true.

The final project for my graphics class was finally announced. It is supposed to involve the OpenGL Shading Language. So, first things first, I need to buy a new book. For the ‘shading’ aspect of this assignment, I think I want to implement cel-shading. The kind of stuff you’d see in games such as The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and Jet Set Radio Future, simply because I think EVERYBODY is going to be doing Phong Shading to try and ‘impress’ the prof. As for the rest of the assignment… it has to ‘do’ something. Typically, re-implement some advanced function like automatically generating camera paths so you are always looking into the scene if you happen to turn a corner in the scene.

I want to make this assignment into something that I’d find interesting. If I just try to do some cookie cutter function I’m going to lose interest and probably get a horrible mark. Thats why I want to do the cel-shading instead of Phong. Where everyone will be going towards photorealism, I want to move towards a more ‘artistic’ realm. Maybe, I’ll get the scene to be Phong shaded, so it looks awesome, then have my object that gets interacted with to be cel-shaded. That would look awesome. Then throw in some particles, and BOOM the perfect end to an incredible assignment. I hope that is enough to be considered a difficult enough task for this class.

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