PSA: Telus BB Storm and GPS Issues

I just spent the better part of the last few days racking my brains trying to get the GPS on my Blackberry Storm working again. If you care for the story read on, otherwise just skip down to the bold text.

Within the first couple of days that I had it (about 3 months ago) the Blackberry Maps application worked great when trying to locate me using GPS. But something happened shortly after that and it was unable to lock onto any GPS satellites. The odd thing was the GPS icon was at full bars.

Turns out Telus did ‘something’ to either block GPS or they changed some settings. The way I got it to work again was to install Telus Navigator, enable the 30 day trial, then use it to locate myself. Once I did that I was able to open Blackberry Maps and start GPS Navigation and it found my current location in a matter of seconds. I found the installer for Telus Navigator at the bottom of all of my applications and folders. Telus must have snuck (or is it sneaked?) it in there at some point because it wasn’t there when I first bought the phone. Presumably, installing Telus Navigator reset or initialized some settings that either changed or were disabled (that is pure speculation, but it seems pretty reasonable).

You can easily cancel your subscription to Telus Navigator from within the application (just press the Blackberry button – the 2 BB’s made out of dots – and select ‘Cancel Subscription’) so you don’t actually have to pay for it.

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