As if I didn’t already have way too much stuff to do, I’ve decided to redesign this site. Mostly just a facelift, no real back-end changes or code rewriting… well not yet. So this will be like v3.5 but I might name it 4.0 just for kicks.

What prompted this was the fact that there are so many things I’d like to put on the front page that I just don’t have the room for. Things like my audioscrobbler info (like what track I’m currently listening to, what my top 5 most listened artists are). There are also a ton of other things that I want to do like put up my most recent moblog image.

The more that I think about it, to start I’ll probably just redesign the homepage. All the other pages will stay the way they are. Reason for this is I don’t actually have the time or desire to revamp the whole site. The second reason for this is I probably won’t be happy with this redesign and I’ll want to do a new one later on with the intention of re-doing the whole site (back-end and all).

So, within the next few days don’t be surprised if you find yourself at a completely different!

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