Revival of Mobile Briscola

After reformatting my harddrive to make way for Windows Vista I realised that I forgot to back up some files.

Those files were all the images and source code for Mobile Briscola. Luckily I had copies of the images all over the place (not sure exactly why) but more importantly since I was using Subversion I had versioned copies of every source file in the repository. So a quick checkout of the files got everything back!!!

I did a recompile and it seems there there were a few changes I made from when i put a version on my cellphone. The controls aren’t how I remember them, but I still get the nullpointerexpection errors, so I’ve still got a bit of work to do to clean that up.

Hopefully I’ll be motivated enough to work on it, but its going to be tough with World of Warcraft taking up most of my free time on the weekends! I hit level 61 the other day, and I’ve got about 200 gold in the bank. I’m saving up for my Epic Kodo so I can get some faster travel speeds.

We also ordered Bell Sympatico because I have been getting fed up with my Rogers internet speeds. Hopefully Sympatico is much better (they should be because they aren’t actively blocking certain applications or throttling traffic because they don’t have as much of a vested interest in their network infrastructure as Rogers does… jerks trying to saturate it with tons of services). The new modem should arrive tomorrow, but the service won’t be activated until Friday. So a weekend long World of Warcraft binge should be a good enough test of the speeds.

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