Rock On!

I took a trip downtown today to see a Jays game with Paul. We went around 2 though so we could check out some shops. I ended up outside Steve’s music, and originally with the intention to look at flutes (a new obsession of mine… I’ve been wanting to play one ever since I started listening to Jethro Tull) I found myself looking at guitars, and then distortion pedals. In a desperate attempt to inject some interest back into my guitar I let one of the employees there talk me into buying a Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal. I did, however, overlook the fact that I need a 2nd patch cable to be able to put the pedal inbetween my guitar and my amp. So I’m going to have to take a trip to my old music school to buy one. I’ll also probably make a stop at this soccer store I’ve been meaning to visit to pick up a new soccer ball and probably a Juventus hat.

Also, since I’m done school it would make sense for me to start job searching. Well, it has started but so far I’m not sure how its going. I had an interview yesterday that I think went well. I’ve still got to have another talk with them to see if it’ll go further or not.

fingers crossed

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