Set Back

So I was gearing up this afternoon to start work again on my Mobile Briscola project when I noticed something funny… there were a couple methods I had written that were empty.

But I knew I had written that code because the feature works on the version I have on my cellphone. The only explanation I have for this is that I must have lost the source code once about a year ago when I reformatted, but I found those backups. Then put those backups into source control. Problem is, those backups are about 4 days older than the post I wrote on this blog about writing those new features…

Anyways, no point in freaking out about it now. Those lines are lost into the harsh electric fields of my harddrive, never to be recovered again.

On the plus side, it forces me to re-write a bunch of the stuff here to try and get rid of this pesky null reference error I keep getting. I have this idea that I am smarter than I was when I wrote this so maybe I’ll be able to do it properly this time. The only annoying part is code that is missing worked really damn well.

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