Oh man… what was I thinking?

The last time I laced up I think I was 13. Today, I decided to over-do it. I went to shinny at Woodbridge Memorial Community Centre with Steve and Dario. I was under the impression that we’d be the only 3 people there because Steve said it was empty the last time he went. Well, that backfired. There were at least 9 guys there. So, we ended up playing 5 on 4 hockey…

… HOCKEY. I was going to play HOCKEY, on ICE no less!!! As I mentioned earlier I haven’t skated since I was 13, well, I haven’t played hockey since I was about 8, and to make matters worse, I wasn’t very good.

So, lets summarize:
– I haven’t skated for 8 years
– The skating that I can do is basically going forwards, and turning

This is the point where it all starts going downhill. My lack of backwards skating skills makes me a horrible defenseman. My lack of any stopping ability makes me a horrible forward. So, what did I do? I basically ended up skating up and down the ice just being a general nuisance to the guys on the other team. And I wasn’t very good at that either. I managed to intercept a few passes though. And one time I had the puck and I took it end to end… but really, everyone just let me go because they realised how horrible I was. It was kind of funny… man did I stink.

At one point, I intercepted the puck, then Dario took it off of me. As he went by me I turned and tried to knock his stick off the ice so I could get the puck back, but he was too quick for me. So, as I start trying to skate back, I notice that I’m going pretty quick and I was still turning. I couldn’t stop the turn and it quickly turned into me falling. So, now I’m on the ice (surprisingly the only time it happened) and I can hear Steve laughing. So, I got up and just skated back to my zone laughing.

So, after all of that, I don’t see me going back to shinny anytime soon. Maybe if I can learn how to skate better I might give it another shot.

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