Sidestepping Projects

I feel so bad about this, but I haven’t touched Online Multiplayer Briscola in over a month. More to the point, there hasn’t even been a single thought about it since then.

But, I am going to kind-of resurrect it. Through the wonders of object oriented programming I bring to you Mobile Briscola. I am going to reuse the game mechanics part of the online briscola that I had completed. That was basically the only working part of that whole project.

I spent the last couple hours re-writing some parts to work with CLDC 1.0 because the sonovabitch doesn’t support floating point. Can you believe that? What a piece of shit. If my phone supported CLDC 1.1 then I would have had no issues. But I guess this forces me to write compatible code that’ll work on ANY cellphone. Which means lots and lots of people can use this wonderful game. That makes me happy.

So, basically I feel like I’m done. The only thing left to do now is (haha I keep saying that then never do anything) write a gameloop and figure out how to get input from the keypad. And THEN I need to write some AI. The first iteration of this will simply be the phone randomly choosing a card and playing it. Just for testing purposes. Afterwards I’ll put some intelligence behind it to actually make the game hard.

And finally, I’ll have to create a GUI. I might need to buy a book for that. But that will be down the road a ways. I want to make a solid game first, I’ll worry about prettyness later.

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