Simple PHP Gallery v0.5

I wasn’t prepared to let another weekend get by me without doing something productive. So, after wasting what felt like an hour and a half blowing out my sprinkler system with what is apparently a weak air compressor, I started up my computer and looked for something to work on.

Just the other day Paul had asked me to use my php gallery script for some comics that he drew for the Excalibur when we went to York (that is one hell of a lot of linking I did there).

The reason I mention this is because he wanted me to change the background colour for him. I found this to be one hell of a daunting task because I had to go through all the PHP code to figure our where the html elements were, and where to change the colours.

I eventually gave up and showed him something crap on purpose (thats right Paul, on purpose!) so he would just ask me to stop.

This, however, motivated me to work on a way to easily change the colours of the gallery. The solution I came up with was to hook all of the elements of the gallery (basically the table, tr and td tags, as well as the body) with css classes. This way, with the included stylesheet, it would be simple to change the colours of the gallery. Background, border sizes (visible or not), border colours, etc. You get the point. Basically, its way more awesome than it used to be.

I also added a few new features, like the ability to name the image and thumbnail folders anything you want, as well as a bypass for the title of the gallery so it doesn’t have to use the name of the folder it is in. This will allow special characters in the titles.

But the feature that I am most proud of is that it can now be used as a standalone page (well it always was) or it can be embedded in another page… and whichever way you do it it is standards compliant!

Due to all these changes, I felt it was only appropriate to skip a version, and go straight from 0.3 to 0.5! And, from the looks of the project, one hell of a lot of people are using it, so I hope they appreciate the changes. To date there are 1406 people that downloaded the last version.

You can take a look at the project page, or just the files if you are interested in downloading it.

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