Simple PHP Gallery v0.6 Released!

I have released a new version of the Simple PHP Gallery. Now at version 0.6 it includes a bug fix (I had misspelled a CSS class in the <tr> of the gallery table). It also includes new functionality: The ability to choose your method of sorting the images.

Originally alphabetical ascending order was the only option. I have added the ability to sort either ascending or descending on the filename or create date (so all new images that are added to the gallery will appear at the top (or bottom if you so desire) of the gallery!

What is cool about that sorting feature is that I never even thought of doing it. The suggestion actually came by e-mail from some dude named Wladimir Vuckovic who actually USES MY SOFTWARE! That e-mail was a thrill to read, and since the feature made sense and the request was from someone who likes using my software I felt obligated to add the feature in.

You can find the files for the new release (full release or upgrade version) here.

You’ll probably never read this but… Thanks Wladimir!

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