Simple PHP Gallery

I do a bit of Google searching every once in a while to see how many people have downloaded the Simple PHP Gallery scripts that I put up on Sourceforge.

According to the download area, there have been 6129 total downloads of my program – either through first time installs or upgrades from earlier versions.

I put a link back to my website on the gallery script, and google and yahoo have ways to find out which pages link back to your website… so it has been relatively easy to find a few examples of people that are using my scripts. Its mostly just random pictures of people out doing things: wedding photos, picnics, hanging out with friends, concerts, etc.

I was also able to find this forum post on an italian MAC website from someone looking for similar software and someone actually recommended they use my program.

Agaciuff said this:
l’ho anche provata e funziona. essenziale.”

Rough translation: I tried it and it works. Essential.

The original poster then posted this:
“sisi credo che questa ( sia proprio quello che cercavo!
Con una giusta sistematina alla grafica credo che possa andare davvero bene

Grazie mille per la segnalazione.”

Rough translation: Yes, I believe this is precisely what I was looking for.

So that put a smile on my face.

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