Somewhat Productive Weekend

Well, the weekend is coming to an end, and for the first time in a couple months, I feel like I have accomplished something!

Yesterday, following the lead of Andrew, I decided to start a new project. So, I looked at my stockpile of website ideas, and I picked out this one: LFG. LFG stands for ‘Looking For Group’ which is the name of a chat channel in World of Warcraft that people use to, believe it or not, look for a group to do instance runs with. LFG is just the working title for this little project, until we find something that #1 doesn’t sound so geeky and #2 better represents what the site is for.

Now, #2 is kind of tricky, because I’m still not sure what the site is for. Its fundamental function right now is to help you find people who are, at this very moment, around you. It doesn’t do that very well though. I still need to implement the mobile end of this, otherwise you can only use it on a desktop computer. Which means you will be using it in your home (90% of the time), and why would you be looking for other people who are also in your home? It is usually your family, no surprise there.

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