Well, as the day ends, it is starting to look like there will be a strike at my university. Which means my graduating year is going to get royally screwed depending on how long it lasts. The last one was 4 years ago and it lasted 2 and a half months, which is INSANE.

With all that in mind, I’ve got a quiz tomorrow that I may or may not be writing, and an assignment due on tuesday. I figure, even if the strike goes past that, i’ll still work on these assignments, just so when things start up again I’ll be able to ease back into it.

Other than all this, I can’t say much new has happened. I’m hoping to get my final project outline for my graphics course so I can start working on it. I have this feeling that its going to be the BEST thing I’ve ever created for a class. I’m so excited about it… weird.

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