“Did what?” you might ask… IT!!!

I made a HUGE step today in my DirectX Game/Server Project! I was able to have multiple clients connected to the server, moving their little triangles around on the screen, and the new positions were being updated on each client screen!

So basically I had me and a friend of mine swarming what looked like little flies (really they were just tiny triangles) around on a screen…. all being done by sending messages OVER THE INTERNET!

Just the sight of those little triangles moving around all by themselves (well one was in control by me) was enough to put a HUGE smile on my face!!

I’ll make the client available on this site once I fix a few bugs with it (triangles not disappearing once a user has disconnected and the game not giving up control of the keyboard when it doesn’t have focus).

Very VERY exciting day for me!!!

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