The 2nd Annual Cammara & Cousins EA Sports NHL Tournament

Today we held the 2nd annual EA Sports NHL Tournament at my cousin’s house. His other cousins were there too (and another friend), and the only way I’m able to make the relationship to who is in the tournament was to basically base it off my cousin (Anthony Cammara)… and since it was at his house, those are two pretty good reasons to name it after him.

Last year’s tournament was won by Rafael, who lead Saku Koivu and the Finnish National Team to glory. Unfortunately for him, he lost in the first elimination round this year to his brother, after finishing fourth in Group B. So the tournament was set to have a new champion!

We started the day at noon, played a couple rounds of mini games to get warmed up before the tournament. The teams were as follows:
Group A:
John (me) – Russia
David – Sweden

Group B:
Rafael – Finland (stayed as Finland to defend his title)
Anthony – Czech Republic
Alan – USA

Nobody was allowed to be Canada… its just a rule.

After 8 excruciating hours of play, the final came down to Czech Republic (Anthony) vs Canada (played by the xbox). It was a tight game in the beginning, but only one team was destined to win this year. And it was Canada…

We spent 8 hours playing eachother in match after match of hockey games and in the end none of us won. We were beat by the game… it is kind of sad. EIGHT FREAKING HOURS!

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