The Annual Reflection, and a Week of Firsts

Another year older, and depending who you ask, another year wiser.

This week was full of a lot of first things for me.

Sunday (a.k.a. ‘Soccer Sunday’) was the first ever match for Vellore City, the soccer team I am a part of in Giochi Degli Amici. We lost 3-1, but it was more out of it being our first game and making a few mistakes that we probably shouldn’t, and won’t again, when we are in better form.

Tuesday May 29, 2007 marked the end of my first year of working in the ‘Real World’. I joined FieldPoint last year and I’ve learned one hell of a lot since I started.

Thursday marked the first time I was a confirmation sponsor for someone. Don’t really know what to say there, but it was kind of cool.

And tonight is my 23rd birthday. I guess thats the first time I’ll be 23 and its the first of the month, so that rounds out the theme of ‘firsts’. I’ve eased up on the idea I used to have that I should be some successful business owner or inventor of something innovative at such a young age. If its meant to be it’ll come to me, but for now I think working where I’m working and absorbing as much information as I can is the best way to progress for the next little while.

Oh and one more ‘first’ that would be really cool… I got a couple lottery tickets today for my birthday, and it would be nice if today became the first time I won the lottery!

Oh yeah, and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was released 40 years ago today. Pretty awesome that it was released on my birthday, granted it was 17 years before I was born.

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